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June 12, 2005

Golf Lesson 3

One more problem to work on… my right hand was bending when I extend back, this is one of those habits that came from playing cricket. Matt suggested an exercise that helped me work on the problem. Try to keep both the elbows of your arms together when you swing back that make me have a better extended back swing and more power. I found some exercises online to fix the right hand position problem, try these if you have the same problem as I.

It was a quiet day, mainly spent on working on my right arm… hopefully, I will get to go and hit some practice balls in California

June 9, 2005

Me and my daughter during Olympics 2004 Posted by Hello

June 8, 2005

Golf Lesson 2

Had the second lesson, this time around made sure I scheduled it in the morning so that I don’t have to get burned in the Houston heat. Showed up at Wildcat Golf course at around 8:45 am. Met with our friends Julie and Henry. My wife loved driving the golf cart, she is convinced that she needs one at home to drive around :)

We all went to the driving range. Matt went over the basics again as he saw that none of us had been practicing. He mentioned that taking lessons should be supplemented by atleast a couple of days in a week of practice… Now I need to figure out where I am going to have the time.

I took my 9 iron and my wife was using a 7. Right off the bat I was hitting the ball but I noticed that the ball was going to the right. In addition to that I was always hitting the ball on the top so I was not getting a good flight… need to keep my back flat, butt sticking out and head straight! kept telling that to myself and I still kept hitting the ball on the top.

Matt corrected me by stating that I was not twisting my hip enough on the follow through and that was also because I was holding the club too hard, with regard to hitting the ball on the top… he said just focus on getting under the ball. I think I got the hang of getting under the ball, Matt suggested that I make my right hand thumb straighter so that I hold the club a little loose…voila, I started hitting the ball really well.

Had around 15 swings go straight with the right loop… I was amazed at the distance that I was getting, I was around 140 to 160 yards with my 9 iron! yes, the 9 iron! it was insane… at-least I thought it was


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