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December 22, 2006

Good list of Investment Books & more…

I read this article in Yahoo! Finance yesterday but not able to find it now…anyway, it was list of books related to investing. I thought it was a good list and I have not read many of the books. From today I am planning to start and finish reading all the books by end of 2007! Lets see how I execute on it. Here is the list:

December 20, 2006

Are all economists conservative?

Greg Mankiw has an interesting post based on a letter that he got from an economics student. My wife thinks that I tend support republican or conservative ideas, and she is a liberal a.k.a democrat. However, neither of us align with these parties. What I am able to decipher based on reading the post from Greg is why I tend to be more conservative in my thinking than most people that I speak to. I think if there is one quote that I really like is “I know what is best for me and my family, no government or union or trade association can decide that for me”. I think it was Milton Friedman who said that… there is more and more evidence supporting the theories put forth by these economists.

December 3, 2006

Rock Start contestant & House Band concert in Reykjavik

Magni organized the concert here in Reykjavik and invited Toby, Storm, Dilana and Josh to come and play for the crowd in Iceland. I did not have high expectations for the concert but it was a BLAST! The House Band was awesome and all the performers did a great job. My wife and I had an incredible time. It was kind of weird because we were up front with all the teenagers and jumping with the teenagers, made me realize how old I have become :) C’est la vie…


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