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February 22, 2007

Long run comparisons… disappointing :(

I ran 29.13 km last sunday and I was curious to see the difference between that run and a long run that I did as part of my preparation for Reykjavik Marathon. To my surprise I have not improved that much, I have improved 4.37% in my pace and about 2% in my heart rate. It was quite disappointing, but I have time to improve as I have started to change my work out schedule. I am doing a lot more speed and tempo runs and strength training on my legs…

February 10, 2007

10 KM in 47 min 46 seconds

Ran my personal best 10km this morning in 47 min and 46 seconds. I have been improving on my 10km for the last 3 runs. I did 50 min and 15 seconds a week back, improved it to 49 min and 59 seconds and today the time above. I feel good about the runs, however I feel like I have been cheating ‘cos I have been running on the treadmill. I guess it would not be my best until I run the distance in the time outside… Planning to do a long run tomorrow for 25 km

February 4, 2007

Went out running, returned in a Taxi!!!

Alright, everyone can laugh at me now. I guess I was foolish to take a long run after I ran twice yesterday. My buddy Villi wanted to run 25 to 30km today and I said “Sure, why not!”… Bad idea. Everything was fine until the 19km although I was running slower than Villi and Lilja, at the 19th km my whole leg started cramping and I was sooo hungry that my stomach was cramping and my hands were freezing. I had to really collect myself to get to a place where I could be warm and get a ride to the gym. I ran for another couple of km and found a Pizza Hut, how badly did I want to order a whole pizza and eat it! Now I understand how Dean was feeling when he ordered a Pizza and Cheese cake while he was running the 293 miles rally. Anyway, made it back to the gym in one piece, because I called a taxi and when I got to the gym, my wife and mother-in-law were standing with Villi, his wife laughing at me!!! I thought it was funny as well…

February 3, 2007

Hectic week! & Glitnir posts 102% increase in profits!

It has been a hectic week, I went to Copenhagen on Monday and we had planned to leave to Boston for the weekend. However, due to work I had to reschedule my Boston trip until March 1. Anyway, I got back on track this morning I wanted to leave at 6 am and run for 2 hours… however it started haling so I waited until 6:50 and headed out. I ran for an hour and I have also created a running log on the side bar in my blog so that everyone can have a summary of my running plan.

My bank Glitnir reported record profits this year. To summarize we posted 435 million Euros a 102% increase from last year!!!


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