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September 29, 2007

Berlin Marathon Day

It is Marathon day and I am up at 5am, excited about the day. checked the weather and it is going to be perfect :) about 12 to 14 degrees celsius. Last evening was great, had a sports massage and a 10 minute sauna, showered and ate a lot of pasta. Went to bed around 11pm. To summarize everthing is going according to plan, I bought myself a new pair of shoes Brooks Trancer 7. I feel very good in the shoes and it matches my outfit :) I am sure my wife will be very proud of me.

Three goals for the day:
1. Beat my personal best of 4:08
2. Less than 4:00
3. Less than 3:49 :), my colleague Jan Forsbom has challenged me that he did the Berlin Marathon in that time and I should be able to beat it as I am a younger man than he! well, it is a stretch but I am going to give it my best shot.

September 9, 2007

Training Log Updated

I lost most of my training data just before the Reykjavik Marathon. But I have updated my training log with whatever I could salvage. I have to admit that it looks rather bleek with me just having run 152 kms so far, but I know that I had about 350 km or something like that before I ran the Reykjavik Marathon so I am feeling ok. I missed running a long run this weekend because I went to the sports massage and I was hurting after that… just wanted to heal before I took a long run.

I have been focusing on building up speed by doing more tempo and speed workouts. I have to admit I am not feeling very confident with my performance so far… lets see what the next couple of weeks transpires into.

September 6, 2007

Picture from Reykjavik Marathon

This is a picture that was taken by ASI, I ran the last 50 meters carrying my daughter… I was amazed to notice that my wife, mom, dad, father-in-law and friend in the background. Thank you Alex (my colleague) for pointing out the picture. Though I have to admit it was quite expensive (Euro 25) to get one picture.

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