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February 24, 2008

Copenhagen Marathon 2008

I decided a couple of days ago to run the Copenhagen Marathon 2008. Here is the training schedule so far, I have to admit have not been running as regularly as I wanted to and that is one of the reason that I am signing up to run the Marathon. It forces me to work on a goal. Anyway, will be posting my training update on a regular basis. The weather in Iceland has been quite cold, it has been snowing more than ever.

Here is the training worksheet so far… I have had more practice runs than this but I did not capture it as it was on a treadmill.

February 22, 2008

India – New adventure in 2008

It is official today, We as a family are moving to India by July 2008. I have been asked to head Glitnir´s India office. I personally feel like I have come a full circle, I started my career working in India near Mumbai and now I am heading back to once again start a new chapter in my career.

Of course, I would not have accepted this role without the support and encouragement of Agusta, my wife. We are excited and scared and all the the things that you would go through when you are starting out on an adventure. I felt it when I moved to Iceland, it has been the best decision of my life so far and I feel this one is going to better it. Atleast my wife and I feel that it will be.

We will be based out of Mumbai. I feel very privileged and proud to be able to go back home, where a fundamental transformation is taking place. I think if one looks back at history things like this take centuries to happen and the last transformation was the Industrial Revolution.


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