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December 17, 2009

What Matters Now: Seth Godin and others…

I just finished reading the free book compiled by Seth Godin based on perspectives from many influence-rs… very interesting read. I would recommend this book to everyone! what have you got to loose it is FREE and it took me an hour to read through it.

December 15, 2009

Tax cuts better than Deficit Financing better than Tax increase!

Well, I have been shouting in Iceland if anyone would listen:

Tax Cut is better than Deficit Financing is better than Tax Increase for dealing with Recession and stimulate GDP growth. Of course what have the current Icelandic Government done? INCREASED TAXES! yes, folks go figure! Whats up with all these advisers? Don´t believe me read the note by Dr.Greg Mankiw the Harvard Economist who is talking about the same thing for the US economy here


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