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Alexander Osterwalder’s book Business Model Design is an excellent workbook for all businesses, especially those that are already established and want to look for ways to transform, amend or update their existing business model. Of course for those of us who have been in the Consulting industry it all feels like deja vu but I have been impressed with the approach of the book. I have written about this before, what works for me in this book is the concise way in which to view, capture and focus on the elements that a business can strategize, prioritize and execute on. When I work with companies and try to help them through their trasformation the biggest challenge is identifying the most impact for the resources that is at our disposal. And when I talk about resource, I mean Time, Money and Teams. Time is by far the most important because that is the only thing that we cannot create. We can strategize about raising money or organizing teams. I want to run a series of blogs on breaking the Business Model Canvas┬áinto each component and explain. I believe that this work by Alexander is more important if not the most important work compared to the Lean Startup by Eric Rise. The Lean Startup sets the overall goals of embarking on either building a business or transforming an existing business or fixing a broken business, Business Model Design gives you the roadmap of how to do it. We are trying to put together a workshop during the Startup Iceland Conference, were we are working on bringing both Eric Rise and Alexander Osterwalder to run workshops in Iceland. If you have not signed up, please do me a favor and sign up. I guarantee it is going to be an awesome event.