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May 15, 2014

Showing Leadership – Toti and Helga

Toti StefanssonToti Stefansson and Helga Waage have been great friends and leaders in this journey that I took in 2009 to build a sustainable startup community in Iceland. For those of you who know Toti and Helga, they are givers they give time, mentor founders and help in whatever way they can to create wins in Iceland. They have walked the proverbial mile with starting companies and failing and winning big. Their company Mobilitus, if you don’t know is the mobile platform that sells all the tickets for Ticket Master. They have successfully raised money in Portland for Mobilitus through Portland Seed Fund and are scaling their team. I have always been a fan of what they do. They were mentors to team Clara as Clara was their neighbour in downtown Reykjavik. They mentored Gunnar Holmsteinn the CEO of Clara. They show up for all events, give talks about their success and failure and if anything be there. IMHO, they are true leaders of the Startup Community in Iceland. Leadership is more about doing the hard things but it might be the simplest of things. Helga has always been a mentor to me, she is always connecting me to people and enabling me to bring people to Iceland, she got me connected to Angela Jackson and more recently Thubten Comerford, both of whom are speakers in Startup Iceland.

helga waageThey are always the first ones to buy tickets to Startup Iceland, this year they are doing something even bigger. They are sponsoring two women entrepreneurs to participate in Startup Iceland in addition to sending their entire team Mobilitus to Startup Iceland.

I want to encourage all startups to show leadership, and simplest form of leadership is to just showup, participate, volunteer your heart and your mind. I have seen great things happen when teams and startups do that. Here is a talk that Helga gave in Startup Iceland 2013 talking about Startup Communities in Portland and in Iceland. We need more leadership like this and I am forever at their service.

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May 8, 2014

Thubten Comerford – Speaker Profile – Startup Iceland 2014

ThubtenHeadshot-305x460We have over 2.4 billion people online now and about 2 billion are on the way. In this hyper connected world no longer are you selling your product or service in your neighbourhood, you customers are everyone who is connected to the Internet. As exciting as that sounds, it is not always obvious or easy to get in front of all these people and get them to consider your value proposition or buy your product or service. If you are an entrepreneur the most difficult part of building a company is building an audience and converting a large percentage of those who listen to become your customer. Building an audience is hard, believe me I take a lot of meetings with entrepreneurs and they throw words like Search Engine Optimization, Social Media leveraging and also we will find the “Growth Hacker”, yeah! right! There is no easy way to build an audience, getting in front of a million people is bloody hard. I don’t care what Facebook says, they have changed their algorithm to a point where you have to pay to get in front of the audience. Well, that is Facebook’s prerogative. That is why I am so excited to hear about how one of our guests to Startup Iceland Thubten Comerford has built his audience. He has been named the most connected individual on LinkedIn. If you are an entrepreneur or a startup founder or even an established business, you need to attend his talk. He is going to talk about how he built his audience. Here is a brief profile of Thubten. Thank you Helga Waage to connect me to Thubten.

Acknowledged by Business Insider as one of the “Best Connected Entrepreneurs” in the world, Thubten Comerford is a seasoned business builder who actively mentors startup founders in Portland, Oregon, and across North America.

He has interviewed hundreds of startup founders for his blog, Startup Weekly, which he co-founded in 2010.

Thubten’s primary business is his social marketing agency, WePost Media Social Marketing, which provides social marketing for businesses of any size. With more than 1/4 million followers on his personal and business Twitter profiles, he is a demonstrated master of audience building.

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